Call me [The girl project]
- A shelter of love and hope
Call me [The girl project]
- A shelter of love and hope


To impact positively on the lives of girls and young women who otherwise do not know better, do not have the opportunity to do better or who have been victims of maltreatment, trafficking, sexual exploitation and /or slavery


To provide a safe and equitable environment for girls and young women to heal, learn and grow

The Motivation

My name is Gloria Chinwemma Joseph-Enegela; I am married with 5 children and like many women with my unique demography, I have had my fair share of house helps from villages and various parts of Nigeria. My experience and that of my friends show a very high rate of under aged girls being trafficked as helps and an even higher rate rejection of matured girls from homes in cities due to infectious diseases chief among which are Hepatitis B and C while some have behavioral and psychological challenges. Over the years I had often wondered what became of these girls, who manages them? Who treats their illnesses? How do they move from where they were to where they should or want to be. I have kept in contact with some; while many go back to their villages without treating the so identified ailment, some end up moving from home to home and become exposed to abuse and untold hardship and their lot never really changes. On the second end of this spectrum are ‘city’ girls who for whatever circumstances cannot dare to dream of a better life. I have chosen this call to make a difference in the life of someone who cannot pay me back and I want you to join me.

Gloria Chinwemma Joseph-Enegela


  • Provide safe shelter for girls and young women
  • Provide vocational training for willing female members whether in the shelter or not
  • Provide social etiquette training to girls and young women
  • Link non minors to safe employment opportunities
  • Return minors to schools
  • Inculcate moral and religious values to all members of the house

Core Activities

  • Counseling (career, supportive, trauma, reorientation)
  • Medical care for both chronic indigent individuals and acute care those in the shelter ( free services from Drs, Nurses, psychologists)
  • Learning chores
  • Team building/ Bonding/building confidence
  • Etiquette training (table manners, public comportment, etc)
  • Learning to read and write for those who are unable to go to formal schools
  • Look for scholarships for those willing to return to school